The positive side of "alien abduction"
By Hal McKenzie
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The best-publicized accounts of alien abductions, such as the books Communion by Whitley Strieber and Travis Walton's Fire in the Sky, both of which were made into major movies, are marked by extreme terror by the protagonists when confronted by the weird, apparently unfeeling gray aliens. Jeffrey Morgan Foss, however, claims to have had a mostly positive experience with the Grays, and brings a message of hope for humanity along with his encounter stories.

An accomplished artist and musician, former state and national parks and forests supervisor in Maine and New Hampshire and civil rights leader backed up his testimony with detailed illustrations and diagrams drawn on CorelDraw in a talk June 28 at the Alternate Realities Conference at Roan Mountain State Park, on the Tennessee/North Carolina boarder high in the Appalachian Mountains.

Foss said that he has had "45 years of peaceful contact with a multiple of visitor species, mostly small-sized, peaceful Grays.

Experiencers of Contact should be honored as explorers and ambassadors, not just used for their priceless information and then tossed aside. Experiencers chosen from among the world's citizenry are making real progress on being able to relay social and technological information built on the fundamentals of peace.

Despite some negative experiences, overall contact with Star People "is lovingly and thoughtfully done so that all may directly receive information untainted by corrupt science, big business greed or government cover-up," he said. "Welcome aboard the advent of universal contact, not between governments and aliens, but between all worlds."

The Conservation Exchange vision

Foss also claimed 21 years of Biblically-referenced spiritual experiences "sandwiched in between" his abduction experiences. "These events were created and choreographed by a mind more wonderful than what we experience in our day to day reality," he said.

In one such spiritual experience, "a great vision of Conservation Exchange was received while I was managing and hosting in 1988 at Flagstaff Lodge in Maine's 35,000 acre Bigelow Preserve. I saw millions cheering near the Washington Monument and there was an angular granite stone with a bronze plaque stating: 'In Commemoration of East - West Cultural Exchange -- CONSERVATION EXCHANGE.' The word Conservation Exchange was on the center line and below it was a polar perspective of the earth raised and polished."

He said his vision is the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy, "They will bend their spears into pruning hooks and their swords into plowshares." According to the plan he received, "Global military forces and civilians work together in an exchange in forest recovery and crops" to rapidly heal the earth's environment and feed the world's hungry. "The nations are well fed. As well, friendship and peace is procured by application of common mission and no longer merely observed philosophically."

The trillions of dollars now spent on weapons "are channeled into fuel-less technologies, cures, advanced individualized education, forest and energy savvy homes made more affordable than previous market standard; better, cheaper, lasting and environmentally friendly products; the arts, the disabled, the needy and homeless, etc. It is the principle of universal governance that is acceptable to all life."

In 1995, "after my third seven of spiritual experiences, I was then taken up by visitors or Grays and brought to council of worlds (Intergalactic Council). There were beings from several distant worlds and galaxies that form a coalition or federation, as others have said, and bestowed great honor toward me and also many of us on earth because of my election and vision.

"We are now technically members of this coalition although many others among the same peaceful visitors are yet to be convinced that we are anywhere near ready. However, the council mind and power structure does recognize us with an assurance of preservation toward us and our environment, which includes technological and social exchange and alliance against invading and potentially invading forces. It is an education process for many visitors as well as for man."

Contrary to popular belief, "We are not a younger world with limited technology as an indicator to this," he said. "The technological deprivation is intentional … Star People are not going to present ships and crew members on a silver platter to a world that still engages in war, greed, oppression, environmental destruction and demonization of a majority peaceful creation," he said.

Finally, in his most recent contact on Dec. 9, 2002, "the Grays revealed that they are assisting many other species genetically to survive here. They are gathering to the throne and footstool of God," he said.

Family history

Foss said alien encounters run in his family. "My dad was visited in his childhood home in the 1930s and had 'odd experiences' with globes of light (like the "Foo Fighter" globes over WWII France). One of them entered his Newburyport Massachusetts home through the front door taking out a wicker chair on the porch and the door frame! This was before his father worked on secret projects out of MIT as a 'non-person.' Silence was seared in his soul," he said.

In 1968, when he was 10 years old, his cousin spotted a cylindrical "mother ship" that launched saucers, one of which was later found in regression to have abducted him. "My cousin, Gail Wilkins, was driving home late in the evening through Wenham, Mass. What she saw along Linebrook Road was a real live mother ship. She has never commented beyond the description in the drawing and what has been stated here. However, while in my regression, it was uncovered that I was actually taken aboard a ship which had been launched from that same mother ship a few miles from it in Danvers."

In another encounter in 1972, he was playing street hockey in N. Beverly, Mass. "I happened to look up and there were four white globes just above the very low cloud cover of about 200 ft. that day. They formed a rectangle with the greater length running north to south and the 4 globes moved as one heading South. The globes are estimated to be about 30 to 40 feet in diameter (about the size of a plum held at arms length). There was no engine noise whatsoever. And this was an extremely low pass exhibit. My fellow hockey mate, Mike Flynn, also saw the aerial display as I immediately prompted him to look up. We maintained visual for about 12 seconds."

Not content with just recounting his experiences, he revisited his encounter of Sept. 26, 1976, using an astronomy computer program to pinpoint the exact time, including "missing time" during an apparent abduction (or boarding onto a star craft--a spherical ship just like the ones seen four years earlier in 1972).

The encounter began when he was standing with two friends along a beach looking out at the water. He had the feeling as if someone was behind him. He turned, and saw the Big Dipper with a light positioned perfectly within the four stars that make up the "pan." He thought, "Approach, we are not afraid," and the object did just that, enlarging to a huge glowing globe.

The next thing he remembered was being on the beach and seeing a police cruiser entering the beach, then putting on its blue lights and speeding away when it caught sight of the globe. Foss said, "people were calling in about that as well across Essex County to Salem Police and possibly several other police stations. The point contact ship of the three also passed directly over a US Air Force antenna station on Skytop Road in Ipswich at the beginning of its approach trajectory. Another remarkable point is that the objects were in no hurry in this mission or in thier exit from the area moving slowly toward Nova Scotia.

Using the astronomy program to pinpoint the time that the Big Dipper appeared that low on the horizon, he calculated that he had experienced more than two hours of missing time. In 1997, in regression by researcher Joe Nyman (the late Dr. John Mack's mentor), "I am seeing myself standing by a wall sized window or screen aboard the point craft. … The stars were literally beneath my feet as I struggled to visually acquire some land or ocean surface and there was none. I just went with it."

On Sept. 6, 1995 "I awoke with wet shoes and a terrible itch on my upper right arm just below the shoulder. There was a large round cap of drying blood. So I went into the bathroom for good lighting and peeled it off. Underneath the drying blood was a perfect triangular biopsy with an even depth of 1/45 of an inch and perfect laser geometry along its lines and to its 3 points."

Shortly thereafter, "I started to have sudden and spontaneous recollection of events of September 5 and 6. I know that certain places, smells, objects, etc. can trigger memories. But these would come regardless of stimuli. And it was agonizingly slow -- an explosion of three distinct initial memories followed by a 2 month wait. The first thing I recalled was sitting in a molded type chair with a city passing beneath me seen through a large curved screen or window. Seated across from me and a little to my right was a young boy who apparently had been brought aboard as well. We seemed to both be passing in and out of consciousness. At this particular point in time, our eyes briefly met. [Update: the boy was on his way to "school" while I was to stop over in Africa on a mission of unification with certain Christian Animists. And then I embarked to a meeting with the Intergalacti Council having to do with "omega" (last days) protocols].

"Judging from the particular curve of the window, it seemed that we were near the bottom of a globular craft. In the second memory, I am conscious again but now a floor or two higher up in the orb as the curve of the window was now straighter. Here, I was in a molded chair right up against the window and I didn't see anyone else. But out the window, I saw some African hunting party (would love having help to identify the weave and pattern of the long gown they were all wearing-and then pay a visit…). They were attempting to run away from the descending craft I was aboard and watching from. I remember thinking, 'They're not going to get very far.' "

In the final memory of this amazing incident, he remembers seeing the window of his living room reflected in the eye of a Gray as he is being carried backward into the craft. "The two who were carrying me placed me in some transparent metal tank resembling a bathtub filled with a cool and almost light as air breathable liquid. I was immersed but barely panicked as I was reassured I was in no danger and could breathe normally. "The two Grays with me watched me from about a foot and a half away. Their eyes, looking deep into my soul, saw courage and not fear, nobility and not vanity, love and song and not meaningless clanging and greed. Everything suddenly changed. Now there was a warmth, I felt included." He was then allowed to walk to a window where he saw "pre-docking maneuvers with a mother ship in space." [they saw my Conservation Exchange/Technological Conversion vision telepathically].
When people talk about his Conservation Exchange plan, "I smile inwardly when people say, 'It will never happen' and 'though I appreciate your 'Utopian idealism' ...' Utopia? I am addressing Earth. Let's address it together," he said.